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12th September 2021
  • Updated weapon and armour effects to add in missing ones and edit existing ones which have recently been tweaked. Anything missing or incorrect? Get in touch.
26th August 2020
  • Fixed a bug stopping new trade lists from being created
  • You can now give your list an icon, which shows up next to your list's name on the homepage directory and on the list itself.
  • You can now purchase add-ons for your trade list account and contribute towards the continued hosting and development of this tool. Find a link under the "My Account" heading when logged in. Currently, the available addons include:-

    • Ad-free - Browse trade lists ad free for $2.00 a month.
    • +3 Trade lists - You get 3 additional trade lists added to your maximum. On sale at $1.75 (-30%).
    • +6 Trade lists - You get 6 additional trade lists added to your maximum. On sale at $3.15 (-30%).
    • Custom list icons - Upload your own custom list icons and make your trade list unique. On sale at $1.75 (-30%).
12th August 2020
  • Introduced a new account system, so instead of having separate passwords for each trade list, you only need a single username/password.

    Once you've created your account, simply log into any existing trade list like before and it will then be migrated to that user account.

15th July 2020
  • Added a new global stats section at the bottom of the homepage. Could be useful to identify large scale trade trends, but mainly just for fun.

    Have an idea for an interesting stat? Get in touch via the link in the footer.

14th July 2020
  • Bug Report from Vojtech: Fixed bug where share card functionality wasn't working correctly.
  • Bug Report from Vojtech: Fixed bug where the 'Updated' field for a trade list wasn't updating correctly when editing a list's items.
6th July 2020
  • Feature Request from Ant: Added a new notes column for items, which is only visible to you when you're logged into edit mode. Use it to keep track of which mule has the item, what you plan to do with it, or whatever you want!
2nd July 2020
  • Fixed bug where pressing Enter after entering list password would close the modal window.
  • Feature Request from Ant: When you search for items on the homepage directory, if you then click into a list from the results, matching items will be highlighted.
30th June 2020
  • Item filters added to homepage trade list directory. This allows you to only show lists containing items matching your chosen item name / prefix / major or minor.
29th June 2020
  • Mail form under the footer 'Get in touch' link hasn't been working recently. This is now fixed.
26th June 2020
  • When you click on an item, a contextual action bar will appear. There are currently a maximum of 4 options available, which vary depending on the item type.
    • Copy [Prefix] [Item Name] to clipboard (eg: Bloodied Fixer).
    • Copy [Prefix] [Item Name] / [Major] / [Minor] to clipboard (eg: Bloodied Fixer / 25% faster fire rate / 15% faster reload).
    • Copy abbreviations to clipboard (eg: B/FFR/15R Fixer), which uses falloutmarket76 as a reference.
    • Google image search item for research purposes (eg: Fallout 76 Bloodied Fixer as search keyword).
24th June 2020
  • You can now export your trade list to CSV via the Export button.
23rd June 2020
  • You can now import CSV in edit mode.
22nd June 2020
  • Generate trade list images to share on social media via the Share Card option!
  • Added missing Level 1 option for items.

Hello fo76tradelist user! 👋

Fo76tradelist is a free tool which I run out of my own pocket because I enjoy working on it as a side project and seeing people use it to help manage their Fallout 76 trades.

If you've found fo76tradelist useful and want to show your gratitude, any Paypal donations will go straight towards funding the continued development and hosting of this tool.

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PC Skull's Wares 2

Open To Offers Message Me On Discord Skull_Basher#7428
06/05/21 13:09

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Min Stars


Plans 122

Item Name Quantity Want
Advertisement Posters 1 125 - 200
Animatronic Clown 1 1600 - 2400
Assault Rifle Steadfast Receiver 1 350 - 570
Assaultron Head 1 1150 - 1600
Asylum Light 2 500 - 1000
Balloon Arch 4 5600 - 8400
Baseball Bat Heated Coil 3 1600 - 2400
Baseball Bat Rocket 3 1600 - 2400
Baseball Bat Searing Puncturing Roc 5 1600 - 2400
Bear-Proof Trashcan 2 550 - 820
Bed of Nails 4 1600 - 2400
Beer Steins Display Case 6
BioCommMesh Robot Armor Lining 1 350 - 570
BOS Knight Uniform 1 5600 - 8400
Brotherhood Buttressed Armor Torso 1
Burning Barbed Sheepsquatch Club 1 1600 - 2400
Burrows Signs 2 800 - 1200
Circus Cage Trailer 2
Combat Rifle Long NV Scope 1
Crowd Bench Seats 3
Cryo Grenade 2
Cushioned Marine Armor Legs 1
Deathclaw Gauntlet Extra Claw 9
Deep Pocketed Leather Armor Chest 1
Deep Pocketed Leather Armor Limbs 1
Deep Pocketed Metal Armor Limbs 1
Deep Pocketed Raider Armor Limbs 1
Dumpster 1
Electrified Mr. Handy Buzz Blade 2
Electrified Shepherd's Crook 1
Fasnacht Confetti Pile 01 1
Fasnacht Souvenir Beer Stein 6
Flamer 1
Glass Covered Shepherd's Crook 1
Grafton Monster Lamp 3
Hello Neon Sign 1
High-Tech Table 1
Horned Shepherd's Crook 1
Hunting Rifle .50 Receiver 1
Insurgent Hat 5
Insurgent Outfit 2
Lead Lined Combat Armor Chest 2
Lead Lined Marine Armor Chest 1
Lead Lined Metal Armor Chest 5
Lever Gun Long NV Scope 1
Lion Statues 1
Marine Armor Helmet 2
Mattress 1
Meat Pile 1
MIRV Frag Grenade 1
Modern Paintings 1
Mole Miner Gauntlet 3
Mounted Antlers 20
Mounted Beaver 4
Mounted Cat Head 10
Mounted Dog Head 1
Mounted Opossum 22
Mr. Handy Buzz Blade 3
Neon Light Diner Clock 1
Plasma Gun Long NV Scope 1
Pocketed Leather Armor Chest 2
Pocketed Leather Armor Limbs 3
Powerfist Heating Coil 3
Protective Lining Marine Underarmor 1
Pulse Mine 1
Radstag Hunting Knife 2
Raider Motion-Assist Servos 5
Raider Rusty Knuckles 3
Ripper 1
Ripper Extended Blade 1
Rug 1
Safari Crocolossus Backpack 4
Safari Gorilla Backpack 3
Scavenged Solar Panel 1
Science Chalkboards 1
Scorched Tube 4
Shadowed Combat Armor Legs 2
Shishkebab 1
Single-Action Revolver Ivory Grip 5
Skiing Outfit 2
Small Letters Set 1
Strengthened Raider Armor Limbs 1
Strongman's Super Sledge Pain 2
Sturdy Combat Legs 1
Super Reactor 1
Switchblade Serrated Blade 3
T-45 Hydraulic Bracers 3
T-45 Jet Pack 3
T-45 Motion-Assist Servos 2
T-51b Hydraulic Bracers 1
T-51b Jet Pack 2
T-60 Jet Pack 1
The Fixer 1
The Gutter 4
Treasure Hunter Outfit Hat 3
Ultra-Light Build Combat Armor Limb 1
Ultra-Light Build Marine Armor Ches 2
Ultra-Light Build Marine Armor Limb 2
Ultra-Light Build Robot Armor Limbs 1
Ultracite Blood Cleanser 2
Ultracite Cooling Vent 1
Ultracite Helm 4
Ultracite Hydraulic Bracers 1
Ultracite Kinetic Servos 1
Ultracite Left Arm 3
Ultracite Left Leg 1
Ultracite Motion-Assist Servos 2
Ultracite Optimized Bracers 1
Ultracite Right Arm 3
Ultracite Right Leg 1
Ultracite Sensor Array 1
Ultracite Welded Rebar 2
Valley Galleria Signs 1
Vault 76 Jumpsuit 2
Vault 76 Rug 2
Wanamingo Plushie 2
Warehouse Building Set 1
Wendigo Colossus Plushie 3
Wendigo Colossus Skin Rug 2
Wooden Shack Doors 1
Wooden Stool 1
X-01 Power Armor Nuka-Cola Quantum 3